White wigs

When everyone have given you the cold shoulder what can you do? Easy to an spectator been a judge and talk about weaknesses, about not be thought enough and all that bloody rubbish. Hard to see people without even a low level of ethic been celebrated and successful just for the position their hold at thIs moment. I truly believe on the street we would’ve see more people wearing white wigs. All those judges with this holly right of mistread people. They believe mainly those situations where they are bothered, are the relevant cause to impose its sentence. It doesn’t matter feelings or necessities from others. The most hurt you can cause, the best, they hardly believe It. In wich shore you are? When you’ve been in the wrong one, how have you fix it? We all want a better world, a better life but, how can we get it if we let this happen. It’s a fact of life how just a few of your inner circle stays and all those that you thought your very best contacts leave you. Work with what you have. Don’t get depressed because of that. And mainly don’t judge them. Live, as you know, is a wheel were you’ll see them down. At that very moment life will takes careful note of what you do. Encourage. Stand up straight. Is in these moments were yours principles worth, not from others


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